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Sum 41 ~ Still Waiting

So am I still waiting
For this world to stop hating
Can’t find a good reason
Can’t find hope to believe in

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Fall Out Boy ~ Grand Theft Autumn/Where is your Boy

Where is your boy tonight?

I hope he is a gentlemen.

Maybe he won’t find out what I know:

You were the last good thing about this part of town.

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Porcelain and the Tramps ~ Redlight District

9 inch heels come marching in to please a black tied dirty old man.
Staring, sweating, barely caring, slurring, “Break me in.”

Give it up, give it up, give it up.
She’ll give it up, if you wanna pay up.
Give it up, give it up, give it up.
I know you want to.
Give it up, give it up, give it up.
She’ll give it up, if you wanna pay up.
Give it up, give it up, give it up.
Shes waiting for you.

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Desert Bus For hope

So lately iv been watching the Driver-cam feed, the bus-cam feed and the chat for Desert Bus For Hope, if you dont know what that is its a web-a-thon that provides money for the charity Childs Play which is a charity that earns money in order to provide video games for children who are stuck in hospitals for long periods of time.

Desert Bus For Hope (also known as Desert Bus) is the group of people known as Loading Ready Run playing the most boring game in history, Desert Bus. It involves driving from Las Vegas to Tuscon in real-time at 45 MPH, a trip that takes 8 hours. There is nothing to see until 5 hours in when a bug splats on your window.

They also do auctions as well as challenges and stuff, if your interested in helping the children then you might want to check it out and if you can find it in your heart/wallet then donate.

Halestorm ~ It’s Not You

I’m in love with somebody
Found someone who completes me
I’m in love with somebody , oh yeah
And it’s not you

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Paramore ~ Pressure

Tell me where our time went
And if it was time well spent
Just don’t let me fall asleep
Feeling empty again

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So lately ive been having issues with my computer, these issues generally take the form of my harddrive commiting seppuku. All i have to say on the matter is god damn is it a bitch to get a laptop up and running again.

Civilization IV Fall of Kings Part 7

Im ending this LP here because iv run out of good material and im lacking the appropriate info to make it interesting. Heres the ending

Mongollians killed all of us for LITERALLY no reason.

Im gonna start another one where i play as Gandhi of the American Empire

Civilization IV Fall of Kings Part 6

Year 1160 BC

A broken boat washes upon the shores of a Dutch coastal city. The boat flies the flag of the Chinese empire. The boat is completely empty and unusable. At a dinner between the 4 leaders of the continent the Dutch leader Willem Van Oranje brings it up casually in a conversation with Genghis Khan. Genghis Khan doesnt overtly react yet to the trained eye the casual manner in which Oranje brought it up offended him deeply. The Daimyo hopes that this can be dealt with quickly and quietly.

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Muse ~ Supermassive Black Hole

Oh baby don’t you know I suffer?
Oh baby can’t you hear me moan?
You caught me under false pretences
How long before you let me go?

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