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Hello loyal reader, since youve discovered this page then you no doubt just stumbled across this blog by accident or read it regularly, either way this is my about page.

I go by the name River, only those of you who actually know me in person know that this isnt my actual name but im not about to let such a thing slip so easily. Im 19 currently with my birthday being June 1st and constantly neglected by my family. I created this blog not to long ago for the express purpose of bitching about things that annoy me and it has since expanded to a virtual journal/life update thing.

For all you who simply need to know my gender for reasons id rather not know im a male. Music is my religion, my life and my greatest interest so expect alot of posts about it. I also suffer bouts of mild-to-extreme depression. I’m gay and if you have a problem with that then just close the browser window/tab right now because if you comment and attack me ill just delete your comments.

Im a console gamer, or as the more vulgar and anti-social PC gamers would call it a “Console-Tard”. I dont use a console because i find it hard to use PC’s its just that i find it easier to use, the controls are (to me at least) very intuitive and easy to use and the general games library for my prefered console is quite easy to obtain.

I enjoy anime quite a bit. Im a semi-regular at the only convention in my city and ill probably go to more in different cities when i finally get my license.

Some things that you should know about me are that im a bassist and guitarist, i like to think im fairly profesional but im aware that such a thing is probably not true. My world revolves around music in some way, i play music, hell im listening to music as i write this right now. Im the ONLY current member of my band Teenage Anarchy, check out our facebook or myspace pages you can admire the logo i created and eventually the music i’ll have made all by myself once i finally focus and start writing it.

Im quite introverted because dealing with almost ANYONE that i dont consider family and arent close to i find to be tiring and dealing with large crowds for long periods of time just leave me drained. I always find it easier to talk to someone when its just through text chat or voice chat but the instant i see them in person i find it infinitely harder to talk to them.

I enjoy writing (obviously or else i wouldnt be doing this with my brutal daily updates im currently running with) and can write hundreds of words on topics i support but there will be times where a post runs short, either because i ran out of stuff to talk about or im just not feeling what im writing and only wrote it to fill an update.

I also sadly consider myself a hipster simply because i can talk about obscure bands that nobody i know has ever heard of, its made worse by the fact that i also use the line “i listened to them before they became all popular” quite frequently.

Thats all im gonna post for now but there will be more to come at a later date

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