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Civilization IV Fall of Kings Part 6

November 2, 2011

Year 1160 BC

A broken boat washes upon the shores of a Dutch coastal city. The boat flies the flag of the Chinese empire. The boat is completely empty and unusable. At a dinner between the 4 leaders of the continent the Dutch leader Willem Van Oranje brings it up casually in a conversation with Genghis Khan. Genghis Khan doesnt overtly react yet to the trained eye the casual manner in which Oranje brought it up offended him deeply. The Daimyo hopes that this can be dealt with quickly and quietly.

Year 1100 BC

A messenger stumbles into the city of Kyoto, battered and bloody he walked up to a city guard and demanded to be taken to the Daimyo, the guard responded by pushing him to the ground and walking away. The man shakily got up and started stumbling towards the pagoda. He reached the pagoda gates and again began demanding to be let in. The guard merely gave a glance and promptly started ignoring him. The man pulled out a small knife and started waving it about shouting about barbarians and murders and such. The guard grabbed him and dragged him inside.

Several people in the market started muttering. Several hours later the man left under the escort of the guard. After a few minutes another merchant came by and told me that the messenger was from one of the expeditions and told the Daimyo that all the other members were dead.

Year 1050 BC

Daimyo’s Journal.

Today i received word that the expedition i sent to settle Guardian Hill has arrived. The set up camp just below it and was planning on setting up a mine and linking it to the city. They named the city Tokyo. I hope the Mongollians dont view this as a hostile action.

Year 1000 BC

Today i saw one of the Daimyos guards enter the marketplace and approach a group of natives. They immediately started heckling him and mocking him. After they started acting more aggressive and threatening him he draw a long thin blade and swung it through the air in front of the ring leader. At first his friends all laughed and thought the soldier had just scared the poor man. Then the man’s guts spilled out of a gash cut into his belly.

After that no guard ever had to deal with being harassed again.

Year 800 BC

Today i saw several common folk walking into a building and coming out bragging about how they could write.

Year 720 BC

Today the entire city learned of the Daimyo’s cruelty. He herded a bunch of people into a fenced off area and forced them to work themselves to death in order to finish the library.

Year 650 BC

Today the culmination of several years work finally came to fruition when the Japanese army seized the nearby barbarian city of Cimmerian.


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