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Civilization IV Fall of Kings Part 5

October 27, 2011

Year 1400

The Gold Hill mine is completed. Much gold streams into the capital and increases the funds available to the government. The Daimyo is very hopeful about the possible funds that will put the Japanese Empire to the top of the world.

Year 1380

A boat bearing Gandhi himself crashes upon the shore. Gandhi briefly visits The Daimyo before succumbing to his wounds. While meeting with the Daimyo he warns him of the threat that the Ottoman empire poses to the rest of the world.

Daimyo’s Journal

Today i received a most unexpected visit. The spiritual lord Gandhi himself arrived on our shores. He was badly injured and rambling about his empire being destroyed. I ordered my personal doctor to treat him as best he could but he only managed to prolong the time that it would take for Gandhi to die.

After my doctor dealt with him i asked if we could meet so we could discuss philosophy and our views of the world, he agreed. We met for several hours and over that time we talked about the pros and cons of pacifism as well as our opinions of the various nations that we knew. He imparted upon me the evils of the Ottoman Empire, the empire which crippled his nation. He told me that his nation had done nothing and that he refused to let his troops fight back but the Ottoman still destroyed him. He died shortly after, some would say he succumbed to his wounds but i think he died of a broken heart.

Later at his funeral i couldn’t help but think about what could happen if i didn’t make my own power obvious to the other nations on the continent.


After several years of preparation the Hanzo expedition is finally ready to strike out and find out the fate of the Takimura expedition

Year 1350

After several months of preparation, planning and cartography the Guardian Hill expedition is finally prepared to set up and establish a new city near Guardian Hill, hopefully such a city will be in a militarily strong location and wont be easily destroyed by any army.

Takuya Katiyanagi Born 1472 BC – Died 1420 BC 52 years

Takuya Katiyanagi was the firstborn son of Higuchi Katiyanagi, a shogun in the Daimyo’s army. Takuya started out his life serving in the army but after a few years he left in order to pursue his own desires. His desires being writing many famous fables and stories that will expand across the empire. His very first literary work War of the Gold Hill was famously received across Kyoto. Shortly afterwards the Daimyo himself contacts Takuya and commissions him to make a similar work. Several years later he completes Encounter at Guardian Hill. The Daimyo is exceedingly pleased and commissions him to write several more stories. Takuya does this for the rest of his life

Takimura Katiyanagi Born 1440 – Died 1350 90 years

Takimura did very little exciting with is life except to live for 90 years

Tanakis Katiyanagi Born 1390 – Died 1345 45 years

Tanakis Katiyanagi was the seventh son of Takimura Katiyanagi. He had 7 sons and 6 of them joined the army and died before reaching the age of 30. His last son Yukra Katiyanagi followed his great-grandfathers footsteps and became a story writer. He also visited a foreign city and spent much time with the spiritual leader and eventually renounced his Hindu ways in favor of Judaism. Shortly after his return Tanakis died, some say of a broken heart when his son refused to believe in the Hindu gods.

Yukra Katiyanagi Born 1365 – Died 1334 31 years

The seventh son of a seventh son, Yukra suffered the deaths of all 6 of his brothers when they went off to fight barbarian forces across the continent. He made a choice to be a story writer like his Great Grandfather Takuya. He spent many years abroad to gather information and spent many days in various spiritual locations and eventually renounced his Hindu beliefs and became a Jewish follower. He returned not long after his religious conversion and revealed it to his father. Its a common belief that his father died of a broken heart after this. After living in the city for several years he is eventually attacked and murdered by Hindu extremists who are unaccepting of his religious beliefs. He had no children.

Year 1210

Journal of a Hanzo expedition member

Its horrible. We’ve encountered many bodies that have been brutalized. The entire Takimura expedition was destroyed and the leader, Takimura Ishizu had his head placed on a pike on the nearby barbarian city wall. We sent a messenger back to the Daimyo to alert him of what happened.


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