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Civilization IV Fall of Kings Part 4

October 26, 2011

Year 1950 BC

Aiko Hiyumi the Road Builder’s journal

Today i was lucky enough to meet the Daimyo. I was in my workshop toiling away with various road plans when i heard someone knocking. I looked up with much annoyance, anyone who knows me knows that i dislike being interrupted while im working. I stood up angrily and stomped over to the door hoping that maybe if i appeared angry enough the person would decide to turn away. As soon as i opened the door and had a chance to see who it was my anger immediately evaporated.

I was expecting a solicitor or maybe a poor person asking for money but never in all my years did i expect to see the Iron Guard at my door. As soon as i recognized them i immediately dropped to my knees. The leader of the group requested that i stand and accompany them to the pagoda. I complied naturally, refusing to do so would lead to the Iron Guard dragging me to the pagoda. Upon getting to the pagoda they take me inside and escort me to the Daimyo’s study. They lead me inside and all but one left.

The Daimyo was staring off into the distance and i decided not to disturb him. After a few minutes of this his guard cleared his throat. The Daimyo turned and said “Aiko Hiyumi, how good to see you. Iv heard that your planning to make a road between Osaka and Kyoto.” “That is correct my lord” I humbly reply. “I would like to bankroll this venture.”

I was shocked to hear this statement from the Daimyo. I immediately became excited by the prospect of having the Hiyumi Trade Route funded by the Daimyo himself. We discussed for hours the things regarding the road before he finally told me that it was about time that i head back to my workshop so that i could continue to work on the road.


The great wall construction project was stopped due to a lack of resources. The Daimyo is very disappointed because he was looking forward to completing the wall so he could walk around atop it and look out over the areas beyond the borders.

Year 1810 BC

The imperial cartographer received a letter from the Takimura expedition. The letter detailed their exploration as well as detailing a peninsula that they found during their exploration that would later be used to store the natives after the bulk of the continent was taken over by the various nations.

Year 1740 BC

Journal of a street merchant

Today whilst i was selling my goods i saw a man walk by talking to his friend. He was talking about a strange item he had on his back that was made of a curved piece of wood and a string. He called it “a bow”, he also had a small bundle of sticks that he called “arrows” on his back. He entered the pagoda courtyard to show one of the guards his creation.

Year 1700 BC

Diary of Hiro Hiyumi the Road Builder

Today the project started centuries ago by my grandfather is complete. The Hiyumi Trade Road is finally complete. The Daimyo can now send trade goods back and forth between the two cities. The Daimyo sent his guards to bring me to his pagoda so we could celebrate with the finest rice-wine available. We ended up drinking until the wee hours of the morning.  After i left the pagoda i decided to mount one of the city towers and look upon the road. The last thing i remember is pain, then i woke up the next afternoon with a broken arm and several broken ribs, remind me to never drink with The Daimyo again.

Year 1670 BC

The first Hindu missionaries arrive at Osaka to spread the word of Vishnu. The populace of the town is quite excepting of the missionaries and host a feast in honor of their arrival. A handful of people refuse to follow the new religion but they are quickly brought in to line by the other citizens.

These missionaries are some of the very first people to use the road since its completion and will go down in history.

Year 1610 BC

Journal of a citizen

I cannot believe the hubris of our leaders. How can they drive the citizens to their deaths so that they can finish off there stupid monument that means nothing to us. I hope that The Daimyo punishes those who did this.

Year 1600 BC

The first rice farms are completed. Rice has been sent to all of the citizens of the empire and many feasts are being had. The citizens are ecstatic about the new food source.

Year 1530 BC

The Takimura expedition is destroyed after passing by a barbarian city. Unfortunately for The Daimyo no messengers are able to escape the massacre and as such The Daimyo has no idea why the flow of info has stopped.


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