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Civilization IV Fall of Kings Part 3

October 24, 2011

Year 2560 BC

The Takimura expedition is forced to camp at Mouth of Ivory due to a chance encounter with wolves. While camping the expedition manages to survey the nearby surroundings and deems them unfit for habitation.

A messenger manages to locate the expedition so that the Daimyo can get an update,  Takimura alerts the Daimyo that progress is slow.

Year 2430

Takimura expedition is attacked by vicious lions, one of the more learned members theorizes that the lions are vicious because of being forced out by the expanding Byzantine empire in the west. Several members grumble about how the weather is colder then normal

Year 2370 BC

After many years of largely staying in the same general area and getting supplies traded to them from passing native caravans the expedition leader has finally decided to move on.

Year 2350

Takimura expedition encounters pack of bears and is forced to halt atop a hill. One of the members tries digging a little and finds gold. Another member steps to the southeast side of the hill and realizes that he can see into the borders of the Mongolian empire.

You ask if there was ever a time when the Kyotski explorers weren’t defiling our land? My grandfathers father tells of a time when we could walk freely, when the Kyotski and the Karakites respected our people and our knowledge.

We all lived peacefully with each other for centuries. Then in the year 2190 that all changed when they met the people they call the “Dutch”, after that point we were treated as dogs. The Kyotski and Karakites where content with the territory they had, although there leaders demanded much more food. After the influence of the Dutch the leaders desired more land as well.

Year 2160 BC

After many years of keeping peace in the small city of Osaka the Daimyo bestows the title of General to the man known as Hishirama.  Hishirama accepts this honor quietly and resumes his duty. His right hand, a man named Captain Ishiro was a jealous man and desired to usurp Hishirama’s position and take over Osaka as his own. He attempts to assassinate Hishirama with his two best soldiers and is struck down because he didnt realize that the Daimyo was there and the Daimyo’s bodyguard cut him down immediatly

Year 2120

A Japanese smith figures out how to work and make bronze. After several years of working and after burning down several forges the smith is able to deliver the first bronze sword into the hands of the Daimyo. The Daimyo is so pleased he awards the man with a new massive forge to be able to produce more. After realizing this news he alerts the Daimyo that he has used his supply of copper and that he needed more, yet he cant acquire more. The Daimyo is disappointed yet still awards the man his forge.

Daimyo’s Journal

The smith that i had funded to make bronze weapons has succeeded. I am looking at the sword hanging upon the wall as i write this. I ordered that he be given a massive forge so he can make more. Shortly after this declaration he alerted me that he ran out of copper and needed more. Alas we have no further supplies i cannot do anything about it. I have sent a messenger to find the Takimura expedition and request that they locate copper sources. Hopefully the messenger will reach them quickly.

Year 2050 BC

A Judaic missionary arrives upon our shores trying to spread the word of there religion. He is brought to the Daimyo for a private audience. The two of them sat in the top of the pagoda for many hours  and the missionary is not seen until the late hours of the night. Late into the night the missionary is escorted out. He leaves the pagoda grounds with a dejected look on his face and returns to his boat never to be seen again.


If you couldnt figure it out from that last paragraph Judaism was discovered.


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