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Civilization IV Fall of Kings part 2

October 23, 2011

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to this closed review which has been organised by the JA, the Japanese Association for Archaeological Studies. I’m going to refer to it as the JA in future.

First and most important, may I ask you to turn your mobile phone off please. I’ve turned mine off. It’s unfortunately crucial nowadays.

As I am sure you are aware, the The Japanese Association for Archaeological Studies is an organization that is dedicated to the archaeological verification of well-known Russian histories. Tonight’s closed review is an early sketch of what we’ve gleaned from recent excavations of ancient campsites and fossilized hearths surrounding the Moscow region.

Briefly I will introduce myself. My name is Dmitri Savostin, I’m a historian and field archaeologist, and I am going to be keeping a very strict eye on the time because we have an awful lot to get through today.

If you’ll look to the screen, you’ll see a map of early Kyoto in the year of it’s founding. I’ll briefly describe what we’re seeing. The orange zone represents the cultural borders of the early Japanese tribesmen. Inside this zone, we found many stone tools, including several selections of the teardrop “harvesting” axe used to reap a relative of emmer wheat.

The figure in the rice field represents the earliest known position of the Takimura expedition. By finding and following his seasonal encampments across the landscape, we’ve got a good approximation of his behavior and the behavior of his sons, which continued exploring the countryside for several centuries.

At this time, we believe the Kyotoites began experimenting with deity and pagan rituals. In time, this would lead to the first major development of the Japanese people, Mysticism.

Can we change slides? Thank you.

After migrating north for over two century, in 3715 BC the Takimura expedition explored the grasslands north of the Forest of Jamur and discovered the a small village which gave them the secret of mining.

Less then a century later in the year 3655 Buddhism was founded in a distant land.

A century after the founding of Buddhism in the year 3555 the Takimura expedition encountered a minor setback.

What they thought would be an expanse of land actually turned out to be another coast. They planned to go to the east in hopes of finding further land.

Next slide please.

As you can see they had no luck they explored the entirety of the area and ended up having to return back to the Kyoto area in shame.

Later in the year 3430 BC the Japanese were contacted by the Byzantine empire.

The Byzantine leader Justinian I. My colleagues and I have come to the speculation that he was a less evolved form of human as nothing else could account for such small eyes and such a ridiculous crown.

Peaceful contact was made but border guards turned away Byzantine explorers.

Several century’s after there terrible setback, in the year 3250 BC the Takimura expedition returns into Japanese territory only to be met by a messenger from the Daimyo and told that they needed to explore the western regions.

Later in the year 3160 BC Hinduism would be founded in Kyoto itself.

Immediately after the founding of Hinduism the official religion of the Japanese empire is changed to the newly founded religion. This change was not accepted initially by citizens of Japan and resulted in anarchy that lasted until the year 3145 BC when the people accepted the change.

We managed to track down several camps of the Takimura expedition in the frozen southern areas and our archaeologists managed to uncover the remains of several members of the expedition as well as several wolves, indicating that the expedition was attacked by bands of wild wolves during there expedition. We were able to date the ruins to around the year of 2980 BC

A mere 3 decades later the expedition encountered a scouting expedition from the Mongolian empire. Peaceful contact was made and the two groups continued on there way.

In the year 2860 BC the Yaga expedition is sent out to settle a new colony.

If you’ll look on the slide i circled the expedition so that it would be more visible.

In the year 2815 BC the expedition reached a good location and established the city of Osaka.

Im sorry gentleman but it seems Yevgenny is signaling to me that we are out of time

Next update wont be in the same style and will be up before wednesday


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