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Civilization IV Fall of Kings Part 1

October 22, 2011

It’s 4000 BC at the dawn of recorded history, and after centuries of nomadism, your people have gradually come to settle in rich lands. Commandeer your newborn civilization and lead it to dominance at the end of history. Guide the geographic growth, scientific research, economic health, cultural vitality, and military force of your nation until the modern age. Either rule in glory, or become a forgotten footnote in the annals of world history.

We ask ourselves, how do we reach the end of history?

Francis Fukuyama believes we reach the end of history when we develop liberal democracy, “the ultimate form of human government.” Sid Meier believes we reach the end of history when we conquer our rivals, vote ourselves world ruler, gain unsurpassed influence over the planet, develop interplanetary travel, or fall beneath the jackboots of a greater empire.

Me i prefer to think that history is already ended. All the events in history have already been predetermined therefore its already over.

Let it be known that the sunrise of 4000 B.C. is merely the start of a completed Story.

Starting the Lets Play

Im going to be playing as the Japanese lead by Tokugawa on a custom_continents map because thats easiest for me. Im going to engage max number of AI and only have two other nations be predetermined. To wit Peter The Greats Russians, and Gandhi’s Indians all other nations are randomized. I will also be giving select units special names, most of them will be General BLANK but some will be Shogun BLANK and if my usual strategy is successful then there will be two Daimyo’s. Im gonna be playing on the Noble difficulty level so im equal with all other enemies. Enough with the boring time for the game.

4000 B.C.

It is the year 4000 BC, and my people have desired for many moons to settle and form my empire so i have decided that we have been nomadic for long enough.

This location is satisfactory for my capital so here we shall stay. I intend to order my first minion General Takimura to garrison the capital for security

So Far…

This first update starts and ends on the first turn. Further updates will encompass however many turns i feel necessary. If people participate in this thread, I’ll let them name cities, pick (some) technologies, choose between strategies, and name units. Otherwise, I’ll just push on through to the modern age while describing this game. Yay!

Next update will be before Monday afternoon


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