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Thoughts on PS3

September 15, 2011

I have long toyed with the idea of buying a PS3, im not sure if ill actually follow through on that since there have been alot of times when iv toyed with an expensive idea and not gone through with it (see 90% of new games that come out) but since not having the PS3 prevents me from enjoying some console specific games it does have some draw to it.

Also PSN is free and id just register a new email address to be used with it.

Things im not sure of is if a PS3 is worth it, im currently on the fence simply because A. The PS3 isnt backwards compat and B. I dont have any games for it and it would just end up tripling my already fairly large collection of games.

Iv heard about Microsoft going around and banning people for “Marketplace theft” and trust me when i say what that means is above my head as well. Im worried it might mean “your friend has DLC on your harddrive and youve used it because you cant choose what loads and what doesnt? TASTE THE BANHAMMER” and if thats the case then i will be pawning all of my 360 related stuff and getting a PS3 but if that doesnt happen im not sure.

I need something that will make my decision for me so hows about Midway and Nautilus go ahead and make Shadow Hearts 4, although since both companies are basically gone its not gonna happen so unless Kingdom Hearts 3 ends up being console exclusive i dont have to much motivation to get a PS3 especially with the PS4 already in production.

And lets face it iv put to much money into the 360 to justify a transition even if they ban me, although if they do expect a good months worth of me bitching about them.


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