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Game Reviews: Alpha Protocol

July 22, 2011

I often struggle finding good stealth games these days and when i find one usually other flaws and such. Alpha Protocol is a good stealth game but its also marred by bugs and such, unfortunately. Its still fun, at times, at other times it just plan sucks.

The story is, how should i describe it. Bland, and thats being charitable. Not being terrible i would describe it as being a massive fucking trope. Its all the various parts of Agent Blandy McBlanderson’s “Thrilling” Spy Drama. The story consists of Agent Mike Thorton being recruited into a secret government organization, yet after his very first assignment gets betrayed by his own country because thats what happens to spy.

He ends up having to end up getting vengeance on the people that betrayed him yet not before doing the various missions left for him by his former organization because hes a goddamned sheep. It all ends with him finally killing his boss or working for the evil corporation or…. something, its really easy to lose track of whats occuring with the story because its never really explained and the dev’s tried to excuse this by being all “well your not supposed to know everything in case you get captured.”

The graphics are ok given the time period. Nothing extraordinary and in a few parts its really easy to see the breaks in the graphics engine though. The beard that you can give your character occasionally has spots of red or green in it despite it supposed to be black.

Gameplay is mediocre at best, in order to easily progress through parts of the story one needs to invest in specific skills or else you wont be able to do important things.  It employs a conversation system that looks suspiciously like Mass Effects except you dont get time to consider first of all, second of all it is literally just describing the tone of what is going to be said and at times is very erroneous. For example how is “theres more of you?” said in a monotonus voice in response to “Ill let you out of the pen and meet the rest of the crew” sarcastic?

The difficulty curve is wonky as fuck considering at times youll encounter a mission that you can breeze through within seconds and then you encounter levels where it takes forever and multiple lives just to take down a simple boss character.

I enjoyed this game simply because it contained stealth gaming which is rare these days.


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