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Game Reviews: Left 4 Dead

July 19, 2011

Theres many zombie games on the market but not many are like Left 4 Dead. Its made by the ever loving Valve Studios (ever loving if your not seriously expecting Half Life 2 Episode 3 to come out). Its a fun game which ive played many times.

It has a simple storyline but one thats alot easier to follow then your average Resident Evil game, then again that may be because the people who write stories for Valve arent 12 year olds hoped up on Ritalin. The reason behind the story is essentially one of survival. All thats known is that theres a zombie apocalypse going on and you need to get to a convenient series of safehouses which end with an epic long fight sequence to get onto a rescue vehicle.

Gameplay is your standard shooter affair except if you run out of health you dont die, you just get knocked down. If you dont heal after three knock downs youll end up dead, in campaign you end up sitting in a closet waiting for the others to get you. You also get painkillers which give you small boosts of health for when you really need it, they dont prevent you from death on third knockdown but they do prolong your life.

Theres different zombies known as special infected. Theres the smoker which has a long tongue (dont ask) which can wrap around a survivor and either drag them into common infected or drag them to within clawing range, either way youll get hurt. Theres the hunter which is a weird little guy in a hoodie that spends all his time jumping about trying to land on you and if he does and doesnt get knocked off of you quickly he can do a hell of a lot of damage. Theres the boomer who is a person who is overloaded with bile that it uses to attract common infected. Itll either throw up on you or explode on you depending on if you kill it or not.

Theres the witch which is nasty little whore who will just sit on the ground crying until you startle her, although she gets startled even if you stand next to her until she attacks you. Luckily shes devoted with who she’ll attack so she’ll only attack the one who startles her unless either she dies or the target dies. The only other way to distract her is to stand in her way preventing her from advancing for a long enough time.

Last of all is the tank which is a guy who most have been a steroid user because he is nothing but muscle. He attacks who ever he wants and he is quite vicious when he does it. He can punch a survivor into a wall and then crush them to death.

Graphics are incredible given when the game came out. All the zombies can have various limbs blown off. Blood will coat your characters as you kill zombies and if you kill enough of them close enough to you it coats your screen in blood.

If your interested in fun games pick this up but if your a zombie whos easily offended then dont buy this game.


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