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July 17, 2011

So this post comes in light of a recent personal revelation, namely that im gay. Its not an issue thats directly affected me YET but i just need to talk about this. Homophobia in my opinion is wrong. I dont care how hard you try to justify it its wrong.

Do you know what homosexuality is? Its a different form of love. The primary reason people are homophobic is because they dont understand it. Another reason people try to justify it is using the bible. Im not particularly religious but in my mind if god loves us all equally why would there be an annotation that says “except homosexuals.

In my mind any type of discrimination is wrong wether it be sexism racism or homophobia. Iv seen people try to use the argument that “homosexuals choose to be gay” and thats just not true, thats just the way we’re wired. If its possible to just choose to be gay then lets see these people saying it be gay for one day. It wouldnt happen because “homosexuality is a sin” although i have to think back to a Bo Burnham line “God you loved us that you sacrificed your only son for our sins, your only son. But we are all your children so in your eyes, we are all a bunch of girls. Please help us resist the temptations of lesbianism amen”. If the bible says that then essentially we are all girls so we are all lesbians no matter what. Its a flimsy argument and an uninteligent one but to me it has the same validity as “homosexuality is a sin”.

Next time you go to say that think of the Bo Burnham line. Either that or shut up before someone comes along and kicks your ass for un-intelligent hatred.


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