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Game Reviews: Section 8

July 14, 2011

This is a game that iv played more in a demo than in the actual game, mostly because i only recently picked up the full game. Its a mostly multiplayer game similar to games like shadowrun only with big pissed off robots instead of various races and in space instead of brazil or what have you.

I started playing this game in the demo with a friend and we enjoyed it to the point where we started our own clan in the game the Arm of Omega, stylized as Arm of Ωmega or AoΩ.

The gameplay is the standard shooter affair, use the right joystick to aim around left to move about the triggers to do various other things.  You dont spawn at fixed points however, instead you get to do an orbital drop-in and choose where you want to start. If you choose the wrong area however, an area thats under control of your enemy for example, youll be under fire from AA turrets.

The graphics are pretty good given the gamestyle. The weapons all look very industrialized and fit in with the setting of the game. All the character models are various suits of armor and when i say various i mean its just 2 suits one for the “good guys” and one for the “bad guys”.

Yo its on mother fucker oh its on


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