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Consoles Vs Computers

July 11, 2011

I know what all 4 of you are thinking “Le gaspe hes attempting to talk about one of the greatest conflicts of our time, next to Ninja vs Pirate and White bread vs Whole Wheat surely this will end his life”. Do not worry loyal reader it wont end with me being hurt, and even if it does, I LIVE IN CANADA FREE HEALTH CARE FOR ALL. Anyways enough of me bragging about our socialized health care (therell be more of that in a later post) on with the show.

This is probably one of the most important discussions (read: Flame wars) of the gaming community, Consoles vs PC. Im a console fan myself (and suddenly half of you are typing up hateful comments trying to convert me and insult me all at once) and i have been since i was a wee lad, which isnt to terribly long ago but i digress.

My first ever console was the Playstation (suddenly the hateful messages got even more like a gamefaqs flamewar) and my first game was Crash Bandicoot (cue the comments saying im an idiot for playing the game). Ive often talked with friends about which is better and its all very opinionated, some like PC because of the mods or the customisability. While some like PC purely for controls and the ability to manipulate said controls a whole huggy-muggy bunch.

Then there are those that have no idea why the like the PC so much its just what theyve used most of there lives. These ones generally throw a few feeble arguments at me but i can tell that there devotion is one of a long lifetime of using the platform, its the same reason a long time sony fan will flame an xbox fan for no reason.

Ill admit that PC games do have alot more customization and modability but i also find the ever increasing pace of technology and the mouse controls to be what prevents me from going to PC gaming (geeze if anyone actually reads this post the comments area is gonna turn into a massive flamewar).

PC technology advances so fast that within two months your top of the line graphics card is now borderline obsolete and it doesnt help matters when 9 out of 10 game developers program there games to work purely with Nvidia chipsets so god help you if you happen to have ATI or something more obscure (like say a laptops default chipset) and as such wont be compatible with anything that hasnt been super-customized or bought with the intent of gaming on it.

Consoles on the other hand evolve at a near snails pace. It was several years between the PS1 and the PS2. The Xbox similarily had a slow evolution to the 360 because there hadnt been a console war going on at the time. Consoles offer less mods beyond those that the developers make for you but i find often that there is little else i want, when i mod a game for the PC i download a whole bunch of mods and then sit around after loading a character and agonize over what i want to do first and end up wasting alot of time that couldve been spent gaming. Consoles also have a much more accessible (to some) online community.

Some of you may not be able to stand the xbox live community but for the most part i can, although i rarely leave my own little friends list and interact with the rest of the community.

Some pc gamers will claim that the ability to wield the mouse makes your character move quicker in shooter games. I have no idea if its true or not because my sensitivity in games is fairly high so i dont have to worry about it. Some will also claim that using a keyboard feels more natural but its another opinion thing because to me using dual joysticks feels more natural (another point against the PSP-1000 to 3000).

Really its all opinionated and supporters of either side rarely have truly argument winning points. While yes i could point out the ever changing landscape of the PC hardware a pc gamer could also point out the fact that the PS3 has only been around for about 3 years and theres probably already a successor thought up for it.

The thing is though a console rapidly transforming into its next gen is only a new thing. The only reason its occured these days is because of the console arms race going on between Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft. Its a gaming version of the cold war and its only a matter of time before the supporters of the brands decide to start using actual violence to get there points across.

I think in another post ill talk about my opinions about the 3 console companys but for now im gonna wrap up this topic by saying that console vs pc is a largely opinionated war. Neither side is right, but neither side is wrong. Use which ever feels right and dont try to convince someone else to change if they dont want to. Live and let live i say. Although when you start to devolve to console vs console then obviously the 360 is superior to all others (if you ignore the Kinect) but again thats a post for another day (and another reason for the more whinier of you to flame me).

the punishment is death for all who live


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