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Game Reviews: Fallout 3

July 5, 2011

This is another RPG title that iv spent many hours playing. I enjoy it somewhat but not nearly as much as games like Oblivion. Its a little bit buggier than other Bethesda games but still enjoyable.

One thing it does better than Oblivion is having near-instant leveling. You level up as soon as all nearby threats are dealt with as opposed to hiking back to a town to sleep in a bed for an hour.

The graphics are okay yet the game seems to constantly have a strange green haze about the world. The weapons are quite good looking and the water is quite pretty given when the game came out.

The gameplay is both intuitive and not all at the same time. You can use melee weapons, a system which is mostly ripped from Oblivion (which makes sense given that the developer is the exact same). The game also includes guns which can be fired regular FPS style, third person style or using the VATS system which allows you to attack individual body parts.

The game itself is overall enjoyable, it would have to be given the sheer time iv spent playing it.

Maybe ill do a part 2 and talk more about this but for now this is as much as i can get out about it

Supermassive Black Hole


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