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Post 100

July 3, 2011

Whew its been 100 posts since i first started this blog. I probably should have hit this mark sooner but i did take several months off of the blog.  As a result im gonna do the first ever music mix. Expect more of these start next year at the latest because i hope to make it a regular part of the blogs schedule. I hope you guys enjoy and before you ask yes i did steal this idea a little bit from Mumbles

Now its time for me to show off my hipster cred. Also i cant gurrantee wether or not these songs will appear later

First up on the docket is Porcelain and the Tramps and their song Redlight District. I discovered this band late one night while chatting on webcam with someone when it started playing. This ironically was the song that was playing that got me hooked on the band. I just love the way that the music plays alot like rock music yet has heavy sexual undertones just in the riffs themselves. Its amazing that the music sounds this good given that despite the band name it is indeed just Porcelain, there are no tramps. Its sad that after the album that this song is on she gives up her indie position and does a song with Lil Wayne of all people.

Im currently drawing a blank on anything else to do so im just gonna leave it at this. Expect more like this but more drawn out and better written with me flashing my hipster cred all over the place.

There he goes my baby walks so slow SEXUAL tic-tac-toe


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