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Vegans and their self-righteous attitude

July 1, 2011

Why is it all vegans have a very self-righteous, im right and your evil attitude towards people who eat meat. Recently iv been following a guy who uses the moniker Onision online (i refuse to link his stuff because im not about to degrade my blog to his level). At first it was ok but recently on twitter and on his facebook pages hes been getting more aggressive towards meat eaters.

He made a post on his facebook page saying AND I QUOTE “If I owned a cow, I would have an electric fence – not to keep the cow in, but to keep you blood-thirsty idiot zombies out.”. To me this is just pointless flaming for no bloody reason.

He also said on his twitter that people who willingly eat meat cant say that we care for animals because we’re liars and hes declared his forum a meat-eater free zone. Personally this is pissing me off because anyone who trys to argue about how eating meat isnt a bad thing immediately and repeatedly gets shut down by this self-righteous asshole. He refuses to accept any arguments at all and views meat-eaters as eternally wrong unless they immediatly stop eating meat.

I think he should take his stuck up “morals” and self-righteous mindset and go fuck himself. If i wanted arguments that basically were “your wrong because im right”  id listen to a debate from when George W. Bush was running for president.

This guy seems to not realize that people need to choose for themselves, instead he thinks he must CRAM veganism down our throats and as a result hes probably losing MANY supporters and harming the cause of vegans everywhere.

Iv lost all respect for the man and view him in the same light i view republicans and forceful christians and let me tell you that is not a good light at all.

Fuck you Onision, fuck you. Id send this right to you but you dont allow “blood thirsty idiot zombies” on your forum you self-righteous ignorant fuckwit. Go get eaten by a cannibal please.


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    I love your

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