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Another pointless update

June 30, 2011

I guess iv waited long enough to divulge this juicy little tid bit of information about me so im gonna finally reveal it.

I have asthma, iv been questioning wether or not i have it but recently iv gone to a doctor to talk about it and was given an inhaler and instructions to return 10 days later. When i returned and told the doctor about what had occured and how the inhaler had helped she correctly deduced that i have asthma but not just any kind of asthma. I had PHYSICAL ACTIVITY asthma which only comes in to play whenever i do something overly physical.

Im just glad to have this all sorted out because now i can do things that require physical activity again. Not that i did to much of that before but i now CAN.

Also i intend to follow the current update schedule (lyrics/music video wednesday, day off saturday) until the end of this year when ill just repost some of my wordier/better posts again while i prepare at least a weeks worth of posts and try to nail down an easier update schedule.

If you have any preferences for posts to include in my “best of” month at any time before then just comment on here letting me know what post you think should be re-posted

If i had you


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