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Questions any nerd should be able to answer

June 28, 2011

As the title says these are questions that any nerd should be able to anser. Im not gonna provide answers until iv had at least 5 people comment with what they think are the proper answers. The answers arent as straight forward as you think.

1. How many star wars movies are there?

2. How many Indiana Jones movies are there?

3. What is the best Star Trek movie?

4. Subbed or Dubbed?

5.  Klaato….?

6. Kirk or Picard?

7. 360 or PS3?

8. What is YTMND?

9. What is the worst company when it comes to Americanizing anime?

10. What anime was butchered by said Americanization company?

Like i said some of them arent straight forward answers and some of them dont have truly correct answers. For the ones that are opinion ones please state the reason you answered what you did.

So whataya want from me


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