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Game Reviews: Crackdown

June 27, 2011

Crackdown is a game about a cop fighting hilariously unusual gangs with super powers like the ability to climb up a several hundred story building or punching one of said gang members into the ocean from several miles away.

You start out as a cop whos been given superpowers. You arent given a real name your just refered to as “Agent” because you work for the agency i guess. You start out in the low level part of town and take on a mexican gang called Los Muertos.

You are forced to first kill all the various gang generals before your able to take on the kingpin and eliminate the gang entirely. After you kill the kingpin the gang will proceed to have one final riot in a part of the city your in requiring you to put it down in order to defeat the gang once and for all.

The game doesnt have much of a story because it doesnt really need one. The gameplay is fun and wacky and the difficulty curve is just enough to keep you distracted from the fact that theres nothing plot related happening.

The graphics are colorful and like a comic book. My only problem is that the characters, especially the agent, all have these thick black lines around them. The lines make me think of the Rancor from Star Wars Episode VI, which had the black lines that indicated that it wasnt even close to real but was just dodgey CGI.

The gameplay involves a simple leveling system seen in games like Oblivion or Fallout 3 where you use a skill to level it up. The skills are Agility, which improves running/swimming speed and jumping height, driving, which makes it easier to handle cars and with the agency vehicles drastically changes the appearance of them, explosives, which increases the explosion size and the damage, shooting, which improves your ability to aim and accurately use guns and reload them, and strength, which makes it so you can lift heavier and heavier objects.

In order to up your agility you need to do rooftop races or collect hidden agility orbs. In order to up your driving skill you need to run gang members over or win races. Strength involves punching enemies to death while shooting involves, you guessed it, shooting them. Explosives is possibly the hardest because it involves exploding your enemies with grenades and rockets, all of which are slow moving and give your opponent time to dodge.

The game also has FREE dlc which enables you to pimp out your agent with the ability to run faster than most cars and pick up tanks with ease. It also allows you to set up a ramp truck and explosive barrels to propel you into space with a nice big explosion.

Im here for your entertainment


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