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Game Reviews: The Godfather

June 23, 2011

This is indeed a game based on the classic mobster movie The Godfather and its actually quite true to the source material. Some of the characters are actually voiced by the actor who played them in the movie but some aren’t.

The graphics are really good given when the game came out, it had very good draw distances, the cars look very good. My only nitpick is that the faces of the NPC characters are so much rougher and more realistic than those of any player characters.

The gameplay is quite similar to GTA games with a few exceptions. You cant swim because your character is unable to go anywhere near the water. The gun system has some features that San Andreas had, namely the lock-on system. Its possible to upgrade your guns to better and better forms as time goes on, it costs money but it gets you things like more ammo, more damage, and more accurate.

The story is the same as that of The Godfather movie except you dont play as Michael Corleone or really any members of the Corleone family. You play as a character whos first name you can change but the default name is Aldo Trapani. After witnessing your fathers death at 12 you swear vengeance on the gang that does it. The game advances several years and your character was apparantly a part of a robbery and asked for a bigger cut. He was being beaten for it when Luca Brassi intervened. From this point the game mostly follows the bulk of the movie story.

I enjoy this game but that may just be because i enjoy gangster games and such.

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