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Game Reviews: Pre-Release Elder Scrolls V

June 21, 2011

This is easily my most anticipated game of the year simply because i got so much use out of its predeccesor. I cant say to terribly much given that all i know is what Bethesda has lovingly leaked but i still want to talk about it because the next 5 months are gonna be hell waiting for it to come out.

Im not gonna bother talking about the story given how much it can change in between now and release, hell what theyve told us may not even be the real story, it could just be a hoax  meant to fool us into what they want us to think. What i will talk about is the trailer for the game, a trailer i have seen many times.

The trailer features a narrator talking about the impending dragon threat and the sons of Skyrim (Nords) spilling there own blood. It talks about how only one person is a threat to the dragons and that is presumably the main character.

It wasnt until i checked online but a part of me was worried that theyd take a bioware approach and force a character race upon us but nothing of the sort is occuring. It shows your character able to dual wield weapons as well as spells which has me excited.

Now most companies showing that type of thing thered be a good cause to be nervous but lets face it. Its Bethesda, how often have they truly failed us. If anyone wants to start citing the various bugs in previous games i have to point out that most of them werent game breaking and only a handful were main quest killing bugs.

God i cant wait for this game to come out and i cant wait to write my own thoughts on it. I get the feeling itll end up being twice as long as Oblivions review.

If i were gay, though i swear im straight, id make the fellas say OH BO


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