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Sleeping Patterns

June 20, 2011

This is something iv been thinking about for a while now and just need to talk about. Im talking about sleep patterns in this post because iv read a fair amount about them and i also wanna try and get some input from you guys.

My sleeping patterns could be considered fairly usual for teenagers, i follow the stay up until late-o-clock and wake up in the afternoon unless i have something important that needs to be done in the morning in which case im up with enough time to get to my pressing appointment.

Im almost always more active in the evening than i am in the morning because in the morning i havent quite woken up until around 12 or so, and thats with me waking up anywhere between 6-7:30. Im generally anti-social until im fully awake and i generally dont do too many creative things unless i do something that gives me a boost of energy.

These problems are not compounded by having to endure at least an hour dealing with city transit while in my stupor state, something which could end up setting my socialization ability (such as it is) back a little bit because dealing with city transit isnt something i deal well with obviously.

One way around this situation i endure that ive discovered is by drinking a highly caffeinated drink at some point in the morning, the only problem with this is a reliance on caffeine. While im not opposed to using caffeine as necessary i refuse to become reliant on it, let alone addicted to it as i have bad experiences with people who have dealt with addictions and i already have my own addiction to fight with.

Whenever i get sick i always feel like crap in the morning and end up feeling much better by the evening, only for the symptoms to kick my ass in again the next morning. From what i can tell people who are early-risers are generally the reverse of this.

Im what i like to call nocturnal because i do more active things in the evening then i do during the regular day when normal people are out and about. Also ive spent so much time reading and doing stuff at night that i find it hard to go outside when im not wearing my sunglasses day or night, thats right i wear my sunglasses at night.

Cause im Bo Yo


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