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Game Reviews: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

June 12, 2011

This is a mere fragment of one of my favorite game series of all time Kingdom Hearts. Its a DS exclusive but ill willingly whore myself out to nintendo if it means i get to keep playing this incredible series.

The game takes place in between Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2. You play as Roxas, Soras nobody that was created when he unlocked both his and Kairis hearts using the keyblade of peoples hearts. Roxas is found and joins Organization XIII, a group of nobodies bent on creating Kingdom Heats in order to acquire hearts for themselves.

Near the begining your character befriends another nobody named Axel who goes off to Castle Oblivion to engage in the events of Chain of Memories. You also meet a new nobody Xion. Xion is a replica of Soras memories and an attempt by Xemnas, the leader of Organization XIII, to ensure that hed be able to wield the keyblades power.

You go through the titular 358 days encountering the occasional plot problem such as Xion leaving or dealing with an imposter (Riku). Xion briefly runs away and joins with the imposter but is forcefully brought back by Axel. After a couple missions Xion and Roxas are assigned to kill a giant heartless in Halloweentown but the heartless turns out to be each other, pitted against one another in an attempt by Xemnas to find out which is stronger.

After this incident Xion leaves again and meets with Namine, a witch that is capable of manipulating Soras memories due to being Kairi’s nobody. After meeting with Namine she finds out from DiZ that Axel has arrived. They fight briefly and Axel takes her back to the World that Never Was and faints due to exhaustion.

Roxas abandons Organization XIII before Xion is brought back and has to fight Saix to get away. He spends some time in Twilight Town before running into Xion again who promptly transforms and attacks him. After a long battle that ends with Xion being killed and her memories returning to Sora, Roxas vows to free Kingdom Hearts and bring her back.

While on his way to attack Organization XIII he encounters the imposter, Riku, who fights and stops Roxas to ensure that Soras memories wont end up back in the Organizations hands since theyre needed to reawaken Sora, who has been asleep throughout most of the game. The game ends with Roxas in a fantasy version of Twilight Town living his life as though hed never encountered Organization XIII.

cause im feeling lost, when im in your arms


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