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Game Reviews: Bioshock

June 7, 2011

Bioshock is a game that has been hailed as the spiritual successor to System Shock 2. Iv never played system shock before but from what iv heard it maintains the same “go across the room OH NO the roof collapsed go find a way to clear the rubble” but again i only hear what other people say.

The graphics are quite good and include little additions such as having water obscure your vision when you walk through a waterfall. The water glistens realistically the fire shifts and waves realistically and the enemies are mostly proportioned properly.

The gameplay is fairly easy, your able to use a pre-set amount of guns and a limited number of plasmids and gene tonics which incorporate  a slight level of strategy into the game. Your able to die an unlimited amount of times and respawn at conveniently located vita-chambers.

The story is an intriguing one which involves the underwater city of Rapture and the mysterious substance of ADAM which comes from sea slugs. You play as Jack, the illegitimate and heavily altered son of the dictator/creator of Rapture as you try to kill said dictator under the orders of a man named Atlas who you find out later is really the crime lord Frank Fontaine and the rival of Andrew Ryan. After fighting your way through the city and finally reaching the office of Andrew Ryan its revealed that your controlled by the phrase “Would you kindly” a doctor by the name of Tennenbaum, the same one who created the little sisters, manages to free you of that control but it requires a chemical she doesnt have to completely erase the mind control.

After going through more of the city and finding said chemical you go on to attack Fontaine himself. You discover that Fontaine has started using ADAM in order to make himself stronger and in order to combat you he takes so much that he ends up turning into a giant walking statue. You defeat him by weakening him and then draining enough ADAM from him when hes changing which plasmid hes using, when you do that enough the little sisters come out and drain the rest thereby killing him.

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