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Game Reviews: Saints Row 2

June 5, 2011

This is a game that i view as the true successor to GTA:SA. The game has a whole bunch of activities, the story is nice and tight, the gameplay is very intuitive and the graphics are a mixture of modern and colorful.

The graphics are just one of the many features that sets this game apart from the ill-fated GTA IV. In GTA IV the graphics are realistic gray and brown with a crappy draw distance and an ever-present fog. SR2 on the other hand has a colorful enviroment where you can see for miles. The only time that SR2 ever encounters fog is if the in-game weather engine decides that its time to throw a massive rain storm at you, and even then you can still see a good distance.

The gameplay is also a step up because it takes features from GTA:SA and improves them. You have features such as plane flying, which is fun in and of itself because you can make your plane do barrel rolls or loop-de-loops and fly it into buildings. You also are able to survive a fall from your plane or helicopter with the help of a literally infinite supply of parachutes.

Your able to drive the usual assortment of vehicles, trucks, cars, vans, buses, semis, motorbikes, boats, with the addition of vehicles like a meter maid cart or a monster truck capable of driving over other smaller vehicles. You can unlock special versions of various vehicles by taking down that specific gang.

The story is a quite stereotypical affair. You are a gang leader who after an explosion induced hiatus are re-assembling your gang to take back stilwater. After breaking out of prison and killing countless guards you decide to re-form your old gang which involves first and foremost killing MORE guards to break old hand Johnny Gat out of police custody before hes sent to the chair for around 300 counts of first degree murder, and a single count of attempted murder. After you do that you recruit 3 more people to be your lieutenants and kick a bunch of hobos out of a decaying underground.

You decide you want your territory back and take on 3 different gangs. All but one of them were perfectly willing to negotiate in some way with you but your character spurns any offers they give and starts killing them. The list of gangs include the jamaican ever-high Sons of Samedi apparantly named after the baron of death, the metal head tattoo freak Brotherhood, and the metrosexual biker boys that make up the japanese Ronin.

After you defeat all 3 gangs by doing various things including helping a little old asian man kill his supposed arch-nemesis you decide to take on a big corporation BECAUSE THEY ASK YOU TO HELP THEM. After wrecking the companys various fronts and killing the board of executives TWICE you finally go after the leader. You end up going through a long tedious assault on the companies main building which ends with you shooting down several helicopters and some sensor things and then crashing into the top floor. This all culminates in a scene where the guy begs for his life but instead gets shoot out of the building and down about 50 stories.

Theres a brief mission with the gang leader from the first game but im not gonna spoil that.

This is one of my favorite games, iv clocked many hours in it and if it werent for the fact that my copy is currently bricked id be clocking even more hours. If you thought GTA 4 sucked then pick this up. If this interests you pick it up. If you are a human being existing on the planet earth during the 21st century and onwards YOU SHOULD PICK THIS UP. Actually maybe you should wait for the sequel Saints Row the Third

I felt the thunder mr dont look so scared


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