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Game Reviews: Jet Set Radio Future

June 3, 2011

This is a game that i enjoy. I have actually gone out of my way to find this game at stores simply because its graphics and story are so polar to the types of hyper-masculine, dirty brown, shoot-em-all-dead war games we have these days.

The graphics are a curious mixture of 3d, cel shading, and regular graphics. They somehow manage to pull this strange hybridization off. The graphics are pretty and colorful and have just the right amount of similar objects.

The gameplay is quite simple. You skate around using the left analog stick look around using the right and spray using the right trigger. You also do tricks by pressing the various buttons and theres even a button that enables your character to break while on the ground. Your also able to do things like grind for massive distances and jump over infeasible gaps.

You need to collect spray cans in order to spray your graffiti and you can only spray on certain parts of the enviroment but that just makes sense given how limited this technology was at the time. You can boost to gain a massive bonus of speed if you have at least 10 cans available and you can even get hit by cars on the busier levels.

The story is quite simple, you play as various members of a roller skating graffiti group dealing with an oppressive, orwellian regime led by a guy determined to stop graffiti. The whole thing takes place in Tokyo but it takes place all across the map and there are several times where you have to transition between 3 or 4 different areas before you finally get to your destination.

You also have to take on the occasional rival gang but those are quite simple games of tag on rollerblades with spray cans, but none the less they are enjoyable.

If this game sounds like something youd like then id advise looking for it, not that any game stores will have it since it is quite old.

Yes im cooking for my son and his wife, its his 30th birthday


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