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Sick of WordPress

June 2, 2011

EDIT: I calmed down after writing this. Sometimes you just need to get stuff out of your system but it also brings up the question of why it doesnt support normal HTML but supports the useless Image HTML. If i wanted to share an image id post it.

I was wondering if anyone had suggestions as to free blogging sites because im already sick of this one. I recently tried to add a donate button in case some of you decide to give me free money. Not knowing where to put it i try placing it in a text widget because its HTML and the text apparantly supports HTML.

HINT IT DOESNT. It immediatly changed it into a non-working PICTURE of the button. Thats right it couldnt even preserve the IMAGE part of the code. While trying to contact there support to ask why this is i stumble across this

“Pardon the interruption while we work on some contact form updates. We’ll be back soon!”

NO, this in my mind is when people should start realizing that a site is starting to go belly up. If you cant work on your fucking contact forms without bring down the ENTIRE SUPPORT CONTACT SYSTEM then maybe you should use your clearly soviet-era computer to locate the nearest gunshop, buy a gun, and kill yourself because your dragging down what could be a great system.

Good job wordpress you keep consistently failing me. Should call it DerpPress instead.

Also why do i need to deal with the list for arranging my posts why isnt there a function that just displays a calendar and allows me to shift them around as needed. I swear to god if thats a pay function then this blog may end being taken down and ill make a fucking LIVE JOURNAL.


Your so hot let me show you around


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  1. Or you could try and learn how to use the site before bashing them. I’ve put buttons and HTML into my blog before, and it’s worked totally fine.

    • My only problem with it is i had to go to a completely unrelated site in order to find out how to get the code to work. If they just had a tutorial for people who want to put a paypal button on there blog (i did it as a joke and on the off chance that someone actually wants to donate). I could learn every little aspect of HTML but i have alot of stuff on my plate and i dont have to much time to spend looking at a comptuer, i want to learn HTML and CSS and even upgrade to a premium account or whatever so i can edit the CSS of the theme and change the things i want to change.

      Yes i could use the forum but very rarely do i trust a forum to note regurgitate posts of “L0l n00b” or “maybe you should go use live journal you fucking idiot” and of course the ever present “RTFM”

      Forums are very rarely a nice place to exist unless they are very carefully moderated and if the lack of a working contact form is any example the forums probably arent to terribly moderated. I may be wrong and the forum is a great place to chat and such but past experience has taught me to assume the guantanamo bay approach to forums, namely they are full of dickheads unless they can prove they arent.

      Now im tempted to write a post ranting about forums and how one that used to be a great place to go could suddenly turn to hell within a month. I had a forum i would go to (Diseased Productions) and briefly stopped posting, when i went back and started posting people that i would joke around with and have interesting conversations with were telling me to leave even though i wasnt saying anything offensive.

      Also im very glad you commented because i had this funny feeling that a website was missing from my blogroll. And i have to add that i wasnt adding it in a post i was trying to add it to a Text widget.

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