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Ding! Level 19

June 1, 2011

For those of you who dont know today is my birthday. Wish me well if your not a horrible person.

Im only 19 and yet i already see things and think about things that make me feel old. Im only 19 i shouldnt feel so old yet i cant help but think that kids these days are bratty and need some discipline, music sucks, games suck, and i cant help but sleep late. I even hate teenagers despite being one.

Dont expect anything to be done with the blog for today because im taking a mental health day and trying to avoid it, although ill probably fail at that. Maybe you guys could ACTUALLY CLICK THE DAMN LINKS in my links toolbar today for me. Iv even moved it up to the top so you dont have to go out of your way. Show those people some support you may even like what you see.

Maybe ill take the Taunting Wit feat with this level since i cant currently put any more points into my Nimble Dodge skill.

Also bubble tea is one of the greatest drinks ever. Of all time.

Im knocking you down


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