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Anime: Death Note Part 2

May 31, 2011

This is continuing my post from yesterday. We left off with L being dead and Light taking his name. One could be forgiven for thinking that this is the end of the series but we are then introduced to two of Ls potential successors Near and Mello, who are both rivals and determined to catch Kira themselves and prove themselves the true successor to L.

Near, who goes by the name N, allies himself with US and starts the Special Provisions for Kira or the SPK. Mello allies himself with a mafia boss that not even Kira was able to find, and uses the power he gains in the gang to kidnap first the director of the japanese police agency and then the Lights sister in order to create a deal to swap the hostages life for the death note.

They go through with the deal and after a while the original owner of the death note, a shinigami named Sidoh, manages to find his way to it by hiding near Light while he figures out where it is, and offers to help Mello. He lets Mello know that the last two rules in the death note are fake, a fact that Mello relays to Near when hes getting back the only known photograph of him.

Mello then decides to kidnap a person who has been declared as Kiras official voice and made the fifth Kira (ill talk about the fourth Kira shortly), to the world because in the intervening time between what i listed and what im detailing now Kira was accepted through out most of the world as a deity.

The japanese police make a move to steal back the death note from Mello after he begins using it to his own advantage. They manage to locate his hideout and attack it but during the attack Mello activates an explosive device which damages the side of his face and kills Lights father (Souichiro Yagami for those who are curious)

Mello has another friend from Wammy house, the orphanage that he lived at with Near, attack a convoy containing the woman using smoke grenades. Mello then drives up on a motorbike with a helmet on and uses the confusion to get her to come with him.

She finds out who he is and uses the shinigami eyes in order to find out his real name and writes him in the death note which kills him. Light as well as the fourth Kira decide to write her name into the death note. It was this that was Lights undoing because the SPK had switched it out for a fake already and the only other person who couldve had that power wouldve been Light.

The fourth Kira is a man who was picked on during his childhood and therefore takes a truly energetic approach to what he does for Kira. Light and Near both meet in a warehouse where the fourth Kira manages to peek in on Kiras orders and write everyones names in his death note.

Believing he has one he openly declares to everyone there that he is Kira, only to have it revealed that the death note used by the fourth Kira is a fake. Light loses his usual cool composure and starts freaking out and declares that he doesnt know the fourth Kira which crushes his spirits. Matsuda, a character who was largely comedic relief, snaps as light dismisses Souichiro who was like a father to Matsuda and shoots him several times and is about to execute him before the other members of the agency intervene.

Light manages to escape during confusion caused when the fourth Kira stabs himself with his pen and dies but he doesnt get far. He ends up on a staircase when Ryuk writes his name in his own death note.

The series mostly ends at that point but some more fairly major things occur including Misa commiting suicide and another Kira coming out and killing old people in there sleep and “putting them out of there misery”. There is also a shot of an unamed shinigami that many fans (including myself) believe is Light but as a true death god, he was as good as a death god after all managing to manipulate things so that Rem would have to die.

One recuring thing in the series is Ryuks love of human world apples, which are juicy compared to shinigami world apples which taste like sand.

Lets be friends so we can make out


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