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Anime: Death Note Part 1

May 30, 2011

This is arguably one of my favorite animes/mangas of all time. Having watched the anime and read the manga i have to say that the anime remains very true to the source material.

The story is thus. there are two known worlds that exist parallel to each other, the shinigami (death god) world and the human world. The shinigami world, as you probably guessed, is full of death gods, mythical beings who have notebooks capable of killing a being just by having there name written in it, the need to kill humans with it in order to survive, but it isnt a pleasant place to live. Its a barren wasteland where the only things to do are sleep and gamble. A shinigami named Ryuk grows tired of this sorry existance and decides hes gonna spice his life up by dropping his death note into the human world. The death note is the afformentioned notebook.

It falls near the human Light Yagami (or Yagami Light in the traditional japanese way of name pronunciation) who at first dismisses it as a sick joke but ends up taking the death note with him anyways. He decides to try it on a whim and kills a criminal. Not totally convinced of its effectiveness he kills another criminal and finally realizes it works.

One scene that happens shortly after the second criminals death is Light having a panic attack over the concept of having killed the criminals and the fact that hes a killer now to. This scene comes after him and Ryuk meet and we find out that hes written hundreds of names in the death note. During the scene where hes having a panic attack he decides that hes the only one capable of judging criminals adequately and starts killing more actively, as evidenced by the number of names seen when Ryuk arrives.

Naturally the police organizations of the world have taken notice that criminals are dropping dead of heart attacks. They debate over what to do and the character of L is introduced. L is apparantly the worlds greatest detective and has taken an interest in the case.

Light is being refered to all across the world as Kira, based on the english word killer. L makes several quite accurate deductions that include Kira being in japan. In order to prove this he starts a tv broadcast that he claims is world wide yet was actually only shown in japan, more specifically the Kanto region. He uses a criminal on death row as a body double and has the double claim that what Kira is doing is evil which naturally angers Light who promptly kills the double.

L then reveals that it was a double and dares Kira to kill him, which he is unable to do since he doesnt know L’s face or real name. The competition  between L and Kira begins in full then, each side trying to one up the other in a way that would lead to there own desires. Kira trying to get L’s name and face and L trying to get Kira succesfully convicted.

Due to several perceived information leaks L has the FBI follow members of the police force, particularly those in the Kira task force. Ryuk lets Light know about this while also informing him that hes on neither L nor Light’s side but that hes more like a roommate and that the only reason hes telling Light about the tail is that it bugs him.

Light develops an elaborate scheme which involves using a criminal to hold up a bus and planning to take the criminals gun if he gets the chance and manages to convince his tail to show him a form of ID. The whole scheme culminates in the discovery of his tail’s name as well as the criminal he used being hit by a car after seeing Ryuk, something which can only be done if you touch a piece of the death note.

Light than creates and enacts yet another elaborate scheme in order to eliminate any FBI agents in japan. The FBI agents are killed and the director decides to let L know that they arent going to help him, while at the same time letting the japanese police know about the investigation. The japanese police are distrustful and most of them leave the kira task force with only 5 remaining to meet L.

When they meet L they are interogated and discuss how things will work. During this time Light is busy dealing with his now deceased tails fiance who has figured out that he can kill using methods other than a heart attack and can control a victims actions before death.

Light manages to kill the women shortly before the task force wouldve found out about her deductions, he doesnt directly kill her but he writes it so she’ll commit suicide in his death note. L finds out about her dissapearance and decides to do something that is considered illegal, namely planting surveilance cameras and microphones in the Yagami household as well as the deputy director of the police forces house.

Light still manages to kill criminals by using a mini-lcd tv in a chip bag and just taking notes about criminals on tv. L has an announcement made regarding 1500 FBI agents entering japan, even though there are no such agents, as a scare tactic which ultimately fails.

Shortly after a second Kira appears killing innocents and critics of Kira simply with the purpose of meeting the original Kira. Eventually despite Lights best efforts the second Kira meets him and is revealed to be Misa Amane, a fashion model. She has made a trade with her shinigami to get the same eyes which enable her to see a persons remaining life-span as well as there name.

He trys to use her to find out L’s name, which she does, but shes apprehended before she can relay the information to Light. Both of Light and Misa are arrested under suspicion of being Kira and Second Kira but Light begins yet another complex plan in order to escape suspicion.

The plan involves giving up the death note and having it given to a person who would use it selfishly in order to attract L’s attention. Its revealed that it was given to a succesful business man who uses it to further his companys stock while still killing criminals. After planting cameras and making deals with various members of the board of directors for the company they manage to trap the third Kira with irrefutable evidence.

Light gets the death note back and regains his memorys. He uses a hidden piece of the death note in his watch to kill the third Kira so he gains ownership over that death note again. Along with the death note comes Rem, the shinigami that had watched over Misa before the imprisonment. Who is the owner of the death note through a long complex swap between her Light and Ryuk.

Light has two fake rules written into the back of the death note before his imprisonment and manages to convince L that he needs to test to make sure they work which L is all set to do but then Rem intervenes because the rules being found out as fake will put suspicion heavily on Misa.

Since killing L and his partner Watari would result in Misa’s life being extended Rem would die, a fate she accepts. Her death enables Light to get a hold of her death note and use it for his own gain. One would think that since L is dead and since Light has taken up his name that the story would be over but theres still more which i will talk about in the next post.

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