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The Problems With City Transit

May 29, 2011

So this is something iv had ready for a while now but ive never written down.

The city i  live in has crappy transit. Sure a bunch of you want to say “would you rather not have a transit system?” but in all honesty, yes i would rather there not be a transit system because a transit system that doesnt exist is still better than the one we have.

In the morning i have to take 3 different buses to get my sister to her school and 1 more bus afterwards to get to mine. I have to because im flat-footed and walking ANY distance is slightly painful but walking beyond a kilometer is just unbearable.

Back on topic, one of the buses we have to take is one that is supposed to go by every 5 minutes, i guess not it but a variation of the same one they both get us to the same place. That means in a half hour i should see 6 go by at least and i do but 4 of them are labeled “Off Duty”. We all know that theyre just off duty until they get up to where the two routes differ and then magically come on duty.

I wouldnt mind so much if the schedule didnt list all the buses going by off duty as supposed to stop BUT IT DOES. Another thing i noticed is that another route that circles the entire city has a ratio of at least 2:1 in terms of off-to-on duty buses which i personally think is unacceptable, and iv had it occur more than once where 2 or more are at the same stop at the same stop which screws anyone over for the next two bus times.

In the morning and the evening at rush hour the buses are crammed, in the morning iv even been turned away from buses theyve been so packed and how does the city react to deal with this problem? They add a paltry number of buses that are maybe a half a bus longer than the regular ones and make a bunch of smaller buses (not by much i suppose but still every missing seat and area for standing counts) and expect the problem to go away. There planning on adding a C-Train that goes up in this area but people who take a bus down are still gonna need to take a bus but this time they just need to take one to the station, i fail to see how this is a success.

City Transit just pisses me off to no end and i needed to get this out of my system.

The things that you do and the things that you say, make me wanna stay


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