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Game Reviews: Duke Nukem Forever Pre-release thoughts

May 28, 2011

I think its time that i post my pre-release thoughts on Duke Nukem Forever. I’ve only seen some trailers for the game and they honestly dont look to terribly bad but then again it doesnt really show much gameplay. What it did show was cinematics that contained enemies that iv killed dozens of times if not hundreds of times in prior games which may be slightly legitimate but i think that given the 13 year development time they couldve given some more effort into the enemy design because all they did was copy the older character models and then change them to be more in tune with current gen graphics.

The one thing that bugs me is the re-tooling of Duke Nukem. Apparantly in the past 13 years hes become some sort of super cool celebrity and written a book that little kids want him to sign and everyone treats him like a god. He hasnt done anything for 13 years now and yet people act like hes a god, if Brad Pitt where to not do anything for 13 years and come back suddenly people would just be all “Who?”.

Personally im not ready to accept this game given the sheer level of hype that its received and the fact that we are supposed to ignore the constant delays and studio closures induced by this (in my opinion) cursed title. Theres another thing that DNF stands for and thats Did-Not-Finish, which is what i figure this game may end up being.

This is the world we live in


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