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Game Reviews: Elder Scrolls IV Story

May 23, 2011

Not really a review more a summary

The story is a fairly simple one. You are a simple prisoner who was locked up for a reason thats never given mostly so you can choose for yourself, i personally chose to assume that my character was in prison for leaving a trail of death as wide as a 4 line highway with a grass median after a drunken bar fight gets interrupted by the guards. The emperor comes along voiced by Patrick Stewart and talks to you in a both vague and specific manner and ends up getting stabbed but not before telling you that he has another bastard child (herein refered to as the bastard) thats acting as a priest and to take his fancy amulet to a buddy (herein refered to as the drinking buddy) of his. Sadly when he dies you cant steal his robe despite how much of a pimp youd be if you managed to get it.

You set off on your long quest stopping to sell all the loot you found at the nearest city and go to meet up with the emperors drinking buddy (or at least you do if you have no sense of adventure). When you get there he tells you to go get the emperors bastard and takes the necklace to hold onto it for you.

You go off to the town where the bastard is find it was destroyed by the great evil that the emperor needed to be alive to keep out. You fight your way in rescue the guy and take him back to the drinking buddy. When you get back surprise surprise the bad guys found the place and managed to steal the necklace and run away so before being sent to pursue them your sent to Cloud Ruler Temple where the bastard will be safe.

I personally loved Cloud Ruler Temple and wouldve loved to own a place like it. Its secluded and has a thin path up a mountain slope to it. It also has a massive wooden gate, massive rock walls and a single staircase leading up to the actual building from the gate. In my mind this woudlve been a better place to set up the enemy block plot device than in the middle of the capital but hey what do i know.

Your then tasked to go off and meet the only survivor of your training quest and figure out how to get in contact with the evil cult that wants to overthrow everyone. This ends in a long slog through the sewers (oh goody) and a fight in a part of the sewers but ONLY AFTER youve gone around to collect a bunch of books. The only reason you went into the sewers was to kill a guy who had the last book you needed for some odd reason.

You find out where the bad guys cult is based and go there only to arrive to late to stop the main bad guy (excluding the evil demon god of course) leaving with your shiny macguffin. You then have to fight your way out of the cult base because your face isnt as horribly disfigured (see i knew it would come up) and go back to the big fancy castle. Your then tasked to get an artifact from one of the friends of said evil demon god as well as an artifact from one of the arbitrarily good gods and some other macguffins.

In order to get one of the macguffins you have to allow a city to be besieged by the evil demon gods armys and then infilitrate its big ass portal and steal the macguffin before an arbitrary time limit runs out.

After doing that you end up going to the main home of the evil cult and kill there leader. You retrieve the macguffin and go home where the game ends with the bastards coronation- oh wait.

You get back and shits gone wrong, the big capital citys under attack and when you get there and escort the bastard to the location of the enemy repelling plot device only to see the evil demon god there wrecking shit which for some arbitrary reason means you cant just kick his ass back out of your realm and activate the plot device. Instead the bastard sacrifices himself to create the only dragon ever seen and defeat the evil demon god.

Your declared champion and everyones happy despite the fact that theres no leader to run the land.

Its a fairly simple story but one that wraps up all the loose ends in a nice tight little knot and doesnt leave players questioning it, with the exception of no emperor of course.

Together we’ll be running somewhere new


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