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Game Reviews: Elder Scrolls IV Kvatch and Guilds

May 22, 2011

The inclusion of various guilds is quite nice but i find the way that they ended up being implemented was fairly shallow given what they couldve been like. For example, the Dark Brotherhood apparantly has sanctuarys all over Cyrodil  but you only ever visit the one in Cheydinhal, even after becoming the listener you only ever visit the one because i guess all the other ones are located at a lagrange point above the world. The fighters guild has halls in all the towns as well but you only ever visit 3 of them, the one in Anvil, the one in Cheydinhal, and the main one in Chorrol. The mages guilds entry quest requires you to go to all the halls and do little quests to get a recomendation and even after that youll still need to go to the other ones to get spells and training from member of the guild.

The thieves guild is an all around well done questline which ends in a logical conclusion. Namely you become the new leader of the thieves guild after performing the greatest heist in the worlds history and it had damn well better be talked about in the next game.

I found it annoying that they destroyed the Bruma mages guild hall and then never rebuilt it, i highly doubt that the countess of Bruma would be all for just leaving the building to sit there looking fine on the outside but inside its a wreck. This problem also occurs with Kvatch a town ruined by the invasion from Oblivion. It stays burning and ruined for the rest of the game no matter if you finish it in 3 hours or keep playing for over 100 hours.

Thats alot of potential missed in my mind because me and a friend thought up an entire questline that couldve cumulated in either you or the captain of the guard becoming the new count, if the guard captain became the count than youd take his place and you could either be lax with regards to the rules and enforcement which would lead to the new count becoming corrupt or you could be strict which would either keep him in line or end up with him being discovered as a criminal and YOU taking his place as count of Kvatch.

If you became the count then you could either be a puppet of the guard captain or you could think for yourself but thinking for yourself and going against the desires of the guard captain to much would lead to him attempting a Coup d’etat where you could either leave and let him be the count or you could kill him and the rest of the corrupted guards and choose another guard captain.

The entire quest leading up to becoming count would involve figuring out how to make yourself out to be the better choice and simultaneously paint the guard captain to be a bad choice for count yet a good choice to stay the guard captain, failure to achieve that could result in him being viewed as either a better choice for count or being viewed as unfit to do any of the jobs and youd end up with another guard captain, it would still lead to the corrupt guard captain conclusion but you just wouldnt be killing a familiar face.

You would have to find a way to get the signet ring back from the guard captain or else youd risk losing the entire thing and being stuck as a guard captain. The entire quest would culimnate in a final hearing before the council in the imperial tower. You wouldnt have to stay in Kvatch all the time,because then the only possible time would be after the main quest, but instead youd treat it like the fighters guild ending where you leave desicions and the way to run the city with a steward, the steward wouldnt be the guard captain but could be under the pay of the guard captain or end up killed by him which would necesitate your return.

Where the rain wont hurt, fighting the storm


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