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Game Reviews: The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion Basics

May 21, 2011

This game is one of my more favorite games, iv clocked well over 100 hours in it and iv made a character from most of the races, except for wood elves because theyre pompous and act all high and mighty (snobby pricks).

The graphics are fairly well done. You can see that a tree is a tree and that a piece of grass is supposed to be a piece of grass and such. The one major problem thats been inherent in all Bethesda games is the character faces. One could easily spend hours on one character trying to get the face to a point where it doesnt look horrible but in my mind that would make your character stand out more because they dont have a freaky face. At some points its fairly obvious that Bethesda duplicated a tile several times but thats not to much of a problem.

The gameplay is fairly easy and intuitive and only has a few things that its missing in my mind. Leveling is fairly difficult not made any easier by the fact that you have to sleep in order to level up, i had a friend who ended up going 15 hours into the game at level 1 because he didnt realize he needed to sleep. Leveling skills is fairly easy to do depending on the skill and how high a level it already is, if your unlucky enough to be leveling up alchemy at the expert level then itll take alot longer to get up than leveling destruction at a novice level.

The map design is a weird one but its one thats been nailed down since TES I so theres not much they could do. The map coudlve been done better by making it colored instead of boring shades of brown.

The game is indeed buggy but iv only encountered a handful of game breaking bugs at most, the most recent one being when trying to do the mission where you have to investigate a gang of women that takes advantage of men. The bug i encountered was that one of the characters that i needed to talk to would always attack me as soon as she walked in forcing me to either defend myself or let the patrons of the bar kill her but either way shed end up dead which would end the quest.

The lack of factions to join is a sad one because there are so many factions out there but you can only join and advance through 4 of them and your able to join 2 more but not advance.

The number of quests is mind-boggling. Iv played through the game with a combined total of over 100 hours and i still havent done all the sidequests, compared to games like fallout 3 this game is truly massive. Thats not even including all the non-journal quests or all the caves and oblivion gates you can explore.

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