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Game Reviews: GTA 4

May 20, 2011

This is a review i’ve done before and im gonna do again just for the hell of it. I could copy and paste past reviews i did but im not sure where id find them anymore.

I found the game to be shallow compared to its predecessors, it didnt have the same things that the last games did. The one big game breaking thing that it didnt have was the lack of mid-mission checkpoints for if you died, hell it lacked the ability to go back and restart the mission without fiddling around with the phone but i suppose the needed to crowbar that function in somewhere other than the companion system which brings me to the next flaw.

The companion system is a shallow and quite sad crowbaring in of the games functions. Never is it more apparent then when your trying to do a sequence of story missions and every five minutes you get a call from “YOUR COUSIN” who wants to go bowling or “SEE BEEEG AMERICAN TITTIES” neither of which you generally want to do but you have to so he wont call later and be all “WE NEVER HANG OUT MAN WHATS WRONG WITH YOU CALL ME”. Some of the characters are slightly enjoyable such as little jacob but this may just be my fascination with accents outside of eastern europe.

The story is really flawed because all i found it to be was Nico goes to america to move on with his life only not really because he still wants to get revenge on two nameless comrades from the wars, and the nameless part is kinda correct because there names arent brought up openly until hes demanding it from the character that will actually find them for him. He sides with various groups in the city including a rastafarian drug dealer, a drug queen, a gangster who wants to become a real estate mogul or something, a gangster fresh out of prison, one of the guys you were hunting, a mysterious government organization, the russian mob, the irish mob, the italian mob and my personal favorite a steroid abusing muscle head narcissist. If your not completely brain dead youll notice that the most common trend of the groups he sides with are mobs of various nationalitys and none of them can provide him with what he wants and with the exception of the irish mob they all end up screwing him in some way, shape, or form. The government organization is the only one that actually helps your character out and is able to get him the people hes hunting so desperately. The rastafarian and the muscle head are interesting characters simply because they actually act normal, well as normal as a guy whos jumped up on steroids can be. Theres a few memorable scenes in the game one being a scene where Brucie (The steroid user) slams his forehead into a wall to prove how angry and hardcore he is and instead all that happens is he ends up bleeding all over the wall and hurting himself.

The graphic are really well done i found them to be quite clean. There spot on for this generations level of graphics and i dont think that anything more need be said about them.

The gameplay was one of the more annoying parts of the whole thing. I found it odd that our character inexplicably doesnt know how to fly a plane, use a parachute or dive all features that were included in the last game. The cars all handled fairly sloppily and i found it hard to drive them and get up to a high speed because they all had really weak engines apparantly. One of the most iconic cars of the entire franchise the Infernus is only available at one point and if your unfortunate enough to park it in your little parking space and have it knocked out by a car when your gone then it wont come back again. I find it odd that they went to parking spaces instead of garages because garages, while limited, offer protection while a parking space, as iv found out many a time, doesnt. All to often iv parked a car in a spot only to come back later and see the spot empty.

If i really wanted to i could start pointing out how Saints Row 2 did all these things properly but if i did that i think id just be making myself out to be more of a fanboy then i actually am.

This is just how i found the game, parts of it were enjoyable but overall i found it to be a poor successor to San Andreas. I personally view Saints Row 2 as what GTA IV shouldve been but thats just me.

Next is a series on The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion

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