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May 16, 2011

Iv put the redesign on hold for a while due to certain upcoming events (OH DEAR SWEET JESUS WHY IS IT NOT FRIDAY ALREADY) ahem. Im sure ill get around to it after that provided i have the time. Must be the ever looming con-date that has me doing things such as trying to figure out CSS editing whilst listening to caramelldansen on an infinite loop or in fact doing ANYTHING while listening to it on an infinite loop. When i go to sleep that song plays as background music for my dreams, i think i have a problem.

Also expect me to talk about my various favorite animes and mangas this week in a lead up to the ever epic otafest and dont expect any activity from me whatsoever this weekend, im not even gonna go on to moderate comments.

“All i want for christmas is to know when im actually done a post”


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