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Useless update about what ive been doing

May 12, 2011

So im sure all 1 of you have been just sitting at your computers and living your lives normally but with that little niggling doubt of “gee i wonder what River is doing right now”, and even if you havent im gonna arbitraily let you know. I havent had the energy to rant and rave about anything for a long time and usually when the mood does hit me im far away from the computer and by the time i get to one iv either completely blown off all my anger or i cant even remember what i was gonna talk about/say about it but i do my best to ensure that i can still rant and create at least 200 words of my bitching if only so you can sit back and giggle as i get all bent out of shape for nothing.

Lately iv been practicing my musical skills more and trying to write my novel even though figuring out how to bridge the space between where im at and the ending is like trying to pull a tooth out of a rock (an impossible feat given that a rock has no teeth).

I just realized that there was a massive absence of my posts in between November and March and this is because a lot of things have happened since then and i shall now proceed to let you know about MOST of them.

As of the beginning of April i had officially moved back in with my mom so i could be in a better location to find a job and dealing with schooling (The reasons i moved out in the first place may be revealed at some later date once iv resolved them all to the best of my abilities).

I got paid $200 to help my grandpa deal with his routes for a week, it took almost 2 months to get it and when i finally did i ended up spending it in almost 3 days (Money burns an appreciable hole in my pocket) mostly on games and fast food.

Waaaaaaaaay back in February i was in an accident induced by the god awful winds that are endlessly pounding this province (for no other reason then god hates us). Me and my grandpa were driving up one of the highways trying to get back to calgary since i had an appointment of sorts and when we pulled onto highway 2 we got maybe a kilometer up the road before the wind blew us off.

Maybe thats not a correct way of describing the event. A more correct way would be that the wind lifted the empty trailer that we had off the ground and threw it an appreciable distance away and since semi-trucks currently dont have a way of auto-dissconnecting a trailer when that type of thing happens the truck went with it, only it was to heavy to be lifted off the ground so instead it just got dragged, on my side of course because fate seems to have it out for me. Obviously the trailer failed to keep in the upright and locked position and it ended up landing on its side. Since the truck naturally followed it ended up dragging along on its side as well (again i have to point out that it was my side simply so you all realize how much fate despises me). My arm ended up in the space where the window HAD been before we hit the ground and as such ended up enduring an unbelievable amount of road rash as well as glass and other fun things in the it.

I honestly didnt feel the pain for a few seconds and then it just sorta hit like when your just standing around on a freeway wearing an invisibility cloak and a semi just sorta hits you. It was excrutiating yet ironically enough it wasnt the worst that i would have to face that day (let it be known that most doctors are in my oppinion charlatans and shouldnt be allowed to practice without my prior approval, just like dentists) because when we got to the hospital they cleaned the wound as best they could which didnt hurt to terribly much but then they decided that they needed to scrub it so they decided to inject a local anesthetic into it.

They injected it directly into various parts of the wound which was none to enjoyable as opposed to just numbing say the entire arm or just putting me under. The also neglected to stitch a part of the wound which really shouldve been stitched because “theres nothing to stitch” thanks to that little slip up i know have a nice note of scar tissue just above my elbow, the only good thing about it is that it doesnt affect my playing ability. The truck was completely totaled by the crash and i dont know what happened with the trailer.

So thats the latest news on me. Oh and im doing school again but compared to a truck crash that seems fairly insignificant doesnt it.

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