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Double Rant

November 13, 2010

Titles will be in bold before the rant


Christmas is A Holiday

Something that pissed me off this week was finding out that the us was trying to pass a law banning christmas in stores and such because it might offend muslims. I’m sorry if it makes me racist for saying this but i dont care if muslims get offended by me saying merry christmas.

I honestly feel a little twinge of rage when somebody says “Happy Holidays” during christmas ESPECIALLY ON CHRISTMAS EVE. Do you wanna know why we do this shit such as removing our own holidays just to make other races feel better.

Its called fucking Political Correctness and its starting to piss me off. Why is it we arent allowed to call black people anything other than African-American yet they can call us Honky and Whitey/White boy/Whitebread, how is that fair at all.

In my oppinion the forced drive towards a pc universe is sending us towards newer unprecidented levels of political UNcorrectness. Instead of abusing other races we are allowing ourselves to be abused and its starting to piss me off.

We are fast turning into the minority these days so why arent we treated the same we were forced to treat minorities back in the day, is it because we’re white. Im also sick of people playing the race card “oh you only hate me because im black” THATS NOT IT AT ALL, I HATE YOU BECAUSE YOUR STEALING MY TELEVISION.

Fuck political correctness i say and if one more person says happy holidays on christmas eve im gonna beat them down say “Merry Christmas, Mother Fucker” and spit on there face.

How Fucking dare you

I heard on a radio station some guy talking about all these suicides related to homophobes and gay people being pushed to the point of suicide and he brought up the trevor project. I cant remember the exact words he said but needless to say (since its appearing here) it pissed me off.

I remember him talking about how its sort of degrading to gay kids because they’re thinking “oh well if i dont become rich and famous is it still gonna get better” (his exact words not mine) and saying its giving a bad message. He talked about how he doesnt understand why the motto for the project is “it gets better” because kids dont wanna hear about how itll be better years from now.

I guess he doesnt realize that since adults like him arent gonna be willing to deal with homophobes when they pick on gay kids the kids need something to hope for. I’m bisexual yet havent been attacked for it yet, and hearing him insulting this program angered me to the point where i was litterally seeing red. He chastised the people who were part of it for saying “it makes you a stronger person afterwards”.

Saying that “one month of bullying feels like an eternity” and that “bullying destroys your self esteem and sense of self”. Wanna know why it makes them stronger asshole? It makes them stronger because eventually they realize that they are better than all these little haters and that what all those haters are saying is nothing more than them being insecure about themselves.

He was talking about how the trevor project is a “great business model” stating that getting celebrities to talk about this and using youtube while get them on the news and make them talked about.

FUCK YOU TOO ASSHOLE, oh of course those celebrities must be doing this to become famous because celebrities never have a decent thought or desire at all, all the want is fame and fortune. I hope one of his kids is gay and comes to him and says “Dad whyd you say that about the Trevor Project, those messages helped me out.”

Maybe that would make him see the fucking light and realize that what he said was retarded.

Sometimes humanity (particularly people like him) disgusts me.

Together we can make it while the world is crashing down

I dont think you trust, in, my, self righteous suicide


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