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The Problem with Game Developers

October 31, 2010

Recently i pre-ordered rock band 3 and also recently it turned into a massive cluster fuck. Me and my friend pre-ordered a copy that came with drums, guitar, microphone and keyboard. We were excited and looking forward to it but it got delayed for canadian release which made us start to question Harmonix’s game production ability.

Today we went in to our local EB-Games after receiving a phone call saying it was in only to find out that you either got the drums, guitar and microphone or the keyboard. The manager – that we know on a first name basis – didnt even find out about it until that day.

This raises unforutnate implications regarding Harmonix, namely that they are to FUCKING CHEAP to actually do something that could be considered intelligent. Either that or they are massive egotistical dickheads who dont seem to realize that anyone picking up rockband 3 probably doesnt already have the instruments given how much it cost to get the bundle for rock band 1 and 2. It also doesnt help matters that we had to deal with an employee who would be an easy winner for the apathetic of the year award, he seriously treated us as though he just wanted us to leave so he could go back to just sitting there staring at the computer and half-assedly helping customers, my friend went back to talk to the manager to sort this all out and its a good thing i didnt go with him because i probably would have filled a formal complaint towards apathetic-lad, he didnt give us any straight answers, he seemed to know NOTHING about what was going on, and his generally attitude and emotionless tone made me want to kill him six different ways before he even hit the ground.

Man its been a long time since my last rant but whatever i have a life to.

Scream, till you feel it


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