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why gamers hate themselves and other gamers.

October 13, 2010

I know some thoughts you may be having in regards to this post “My god for a blog called the daily wth its not to daily”. Maybe your thinking “Who does this asshole think he is talking about gamers and hate”, although i get the feeling theres at least one person thinking “Who’s this asshole and why should i care”. Well ill tell you why you should care. You should care because im self important and i know everything and can use and understand big words like antidisestablishmentarianism.

Moving on from my god complex and onto the topic of discussion, gamers hate other gamers because of the media. The media gives us all bad images and it makes us out to be psychopaths. Yes i want to kill people but its completely unrelated to games and ill never forget how columbine got blamed on games. Games dont cause school shootings bullys do.

Another reason that i personally hate other gamers is because the ones that are more known are the ones who have higher voices than Justin Bieber. That and the fact that most games revolve around weapon control and have no real skill involved when you get the right weapon.

And dont even get me started on the players that do such uncouth things as teabagging because that is just a douchey thing to do and i will probably tea-bag you back in retaliation so get ready to be corpse raped if you do it to me.

I cant think of anything else to bring up right now so im just gonna end it here.

“Can you pass me my pants”


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