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The reason why divorces rates are so high

October 7, 2010

A friend made me think of this and i just have to rant about it. The reason is its so high is because people don’t know how a relationship should work. Relationships need rocky bits every so often, without these rocky bits the relationship may not truly work.

Nowadays couples have a fight over whos turn it is to walk the dog and they already start calling up they’re lawyers. My mom and step-dad went through a few knockdown drag outs and they stayed together for about 9 years, they may not be the best example seeing as how they are now broken up (a result of his rampant alcoholism).

The depressing part is some couples dont have sex or move in with each other until they’re married meaning they have no idea how living together works. Then since they’re new to the whole living together thing the end up divorcing over a stupid fight and it just ends up getting even bigger because now they fight over who gets the right half of their 56″ tv.

It annoys me to no end because if you think about it they’re crappy marriage/divorce makes it seem like more people are getting divorced when in actuality the crappy relationships are ending. Couples that get married when they dont know how compatible are they deserve to lose their money, cause if you think about it it costs a fuck load to get divorced these days because theres paying for lawyers paying for court charges paying for moving paying for the ex-wife to get her nails done paying for the ex-wife and her lawyer to go to hawaii with each other and hook up there to repeat the process of marriage/divorce.

The world depresses me sometimes.

Sour candy endings


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