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The Hierarchy that is high school

October 2, 2010

I know what your all thinking “But i enjoyed high school when i went”. Ya thats because you were most likely one of the popular people. If you were at the top of the chain high school was awesome, but it is completely different if your closer to the bottom.

Sometimes high school is still enjoyable for people near the bottom of the list but generally thats because the popular people were after other people like myself, but this rant isnt about how much i hated high school or how painful it was to get picked on. Those are their on rants. No this rant is about how high school truly is a caste system and anyone who refuses to accept it is only fooling themselves. Anyways on with the show.

I have to admit i’ve been having a hard time trying to figure out how to attack the caste system so bare with me if its a little difficult to understand. The very tippy top of the caste system (and im sure everyone can agree on this) is the jocks and the preps. These are the people who get all the extra privileges from teachers, they get to leave early, the teachers generally ignore their talking, and the teachers also think that they’re perfect role models for other students which is ridiculous.

The second rung of the caste is the bullies and stoner’s. The bullies are generally untouchable because they generally act as the jock muscle so the jock doesnt have to worry about injuring his hands before the football game or whatever the fuck they worry about. The stoner’s are generally ignored because either they arent a threat or because they generally travel in fairly large packs, and these packs will either defend their own or mock them when there comeuppance arrives.

Now the part of the hierarchy that most people will want to occupy is the middle. This is reserved for the normal kids who have the nuclear family of mommy, daddy, and little sister/brother. Nowadays this part is nearly empty but theres always at least one of these people in the school. I havent observed a normal kid enough to be able to describe what their position is so AWAY WE GO to the next on the list.

The nerd. This is everyones favorite target, teachers are constantly calling on them for questions, bullies generally pick on them, and stoner’s generally ignore them. The preppy cheerleader girls pretend they dont exist, and the jocks ask for help with their homework. The nerd is everyones target yet surprisingly dont hate it, on the contrary they think that all the attention they receive is actually them being popular, and sometimes they actually are and if your a genuinely popular nerd then good for you life is going great.

Last of all is the loner/emo rung. This caste is the most heavily picked on of all others. The bullies beat them up, the stoner’s beat them up, the jocks beat them up, and the cheerleaders pretend they dont exist. Being a loner myself i know exactly what its like to be most peoples victims. The amusing part is that nobody expects the loner to fight back until that day that the loner snaps and brings a gun to school. With this caste your better off either just acknowledging them or maybe giving them a snickers. That way when the rampage finally arrives and they get to you they wont shoot you theyll just say “Thanks for the snickers.” before they continue the murder spree.

Im sure there are other castes that ive missed on this list but these are the major ones. If you have anything to add leave it in the comments section BELOW. Id also like to make it perfectly clear that im aware that most peoples high school experiences probably didnt go this way im just documenting the way it works behind the scenes.

I’ve got the devil on my shoulder


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