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Very first rant ever

October 1, 2010

Hello world, citizens, and everyones respective deity’s. I am Daniel and this is my very first blog post.

I’m fairly new at all this so bare with me. This blog is where i’m gonna post most of my daily rants and the things that make me rage to no end, so be prepared for a lot of posts regarding my local city transit. I guess one of the first things I should say is that this blog will contain lots of very vulgar language and other things of the offensive manner and if these things offend you then fuck off because we don’t want your kind here.

Another thing that I should probably deal with is telling you all about myself. First things first i’m a steadily improving bassist, and music is one of the few things in my life thats keeping me alive. I’m single and bisexual. I’m battling depression but that probably wont come up in my rants and even if it does just ignore it and pretend i’m talking about pony’s and unicorns.

I may occasionally do a guest rant or something but it’ll generally be me so without further ado let us get to what you all came here for. Gratuitous swearing and calling out organizations that may kill me for it, although i dont have to worry with this one because the only ones who would want me dead are the US government and they cant touch me BITCHES!

So the first thing i want to talk about is how annoyed US politics makes me. Barrack Obama promised all that change during his election campaign and he has been unable to follow through on those promises. What really makes me wanna go on a rampage is the fact that people are acting like its his fault when in actuality it is the corrupt diseased body that American’s so casually call “The Senate” which is restraining him. Last time i checked its pretty damn hard to get socialized medicine passed when the rest of the government is refusing to let you do anything, and in this case thats a pretty accurate thing to say because most of the senate is now and probably still will be republican and they want to do nothing more than shut Obama down on every front they can.

Wallstreet is also to blame because they are sucking the US economy dry with their “need” of bailout funds. You bastards don’t need bailouts what you need is to get your head out of your asses and learn how to spend money properly. About a month ago my friend blew about 500 dollars in china town and even by spending that much hes still better at managing his money than the utter morons in Wallstreet.

The fact that a little over 2 years ago people were all over Obama and willingly electing him and now are pissed because he cant do anything is annoying, because if you want a democratic government maybe you shouldn’t have chosen the republican senators as well as a democratic president.

Another contributer to the political fuckup is Fox news. THATS RIGHT I JUST CALLED YOU OUT FOX, YOU FEAR BREEDING RIGHT-WING NUTJOB BASTARDS. Fox sits around in their newsrooms telling everyone that Obama isnt doing his job and focusing on useless things such as Sarah Palin getting booed on an episode of dancing with the stars. NOBODY CARES. Mind you Fox has always been bad when it comes to accurate and sensible reporting.

This ends my first rant ever on a public forum. Come back tommorow for yet another rant.

I wear my sunglasses at night


EDIT”: Le Gaspe i left my real name here oh no. Since i dont mind you guys knowing my name to terribly much (and its missing my last name) ill leave it unchanged, this was written before i adopted River as my pseudonym


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